I’ve always enjoyed reading Alex Au. Instead of merely attacking the 5.9 million population goal, he analyses it and questions the assumptions behind the White Paper. Well worth a read.

Yawning Bread

pic_201302_07Several things in the Population White Paper annoy me. Many of them are in the form of unexamined assumptions. The purpose of this article is to take a closer look at one of them.

I feel it is important to take the White Paper apart element by element. As it is, the outrage we see in social media is over the top-line figure of 6.9 million on this island by 2030. However, unless we pick apart the assumptions that the White paper uses, we can’t analytically say what’s so flawed about the 6.9 figure; we can only say we don’t want it.

The element I wish to examine in this essay is the old-age dependency ratio.

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