Susan Cain: The power of introverts – YouTube

This video is for all my fellow ‘I’s out there.

If being a good leader means accepting and embracing who you are, then I believe this video will help introverts like me along on that journey.  In it, Susan Cain reminds us why the world needs introverts (and no, it’s not just so that extroverts will have an audience). She calls on the world (schools, workplaces) to recognize the needs and the value of introverts, and suggests a good start would be by placing equal emphasis on individual work as on group work (she claims the former is where deep thought comes from, in part). And she exhorts introverts to obtain the “courage to speak softly”.

An Introvert's Bag of Books

An Introvert’s Bag of Books (Photo credit: jurvetson)

One of my challenges these last few years was coming to terms with the fact that I am, in my heart of hearts, an introvert. I’ve often viewed this as a shortcoming, and looked for ways to overcome that very tendency to “speak softly”.

I’ll choose a good book over an open bar any day. I envy people who never run out of things to say and who effortlessly flit from group to group at parties. (This would have been a useful skill at my last workplace, where there was a party every month from September to December each year, then again in May.) I have had to force myself out of my shell many times, mostly for work – there was even a time in my life when friends would have described me as a social butterfly.

Yet, even after ten years of ‘putting myself out there’, I find it is still an effort. The prospect of spending a month alone in the wilderness is so much more appealing to me than spending a night at a big party. It doesn’t mean that I’ll do the former or not show up at the latter. But I suspect, once I have fully embraced my ‘born introvert’ trait, that I’ll be able to just relax and hey maybe even start to enjoy that party.


2 responses to “Susan Cain: The power of introverts – YouTube

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  2. Kart! Me too! I’d definitely pick a book over a bar any day! (But that’s also ‘coz I’ve got the dreaded Asian flush.) I’m a borderline I-E, I’ve scored both on tests so I think it depends on how I’m feeling. In my case, motherhood’s made me come out of my shell. As a home-based mom, if you don’t get out there, it can be a very lonely and alienating experience. I’ve started taking the initiative to approach other moms, and it’s become a habit, extending to all other situations in my life. The world’s become a friendlier place since!

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